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Fursuit Figurines' Journal
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Thursday, October 9th, 2008
3:44 pm
MFF figurine reservations are now being accepted and remember theres no money down needed. just head over to my site here http://www.fursuitfigurines.com/ and let me know what you would like saved for a pick up at MFF. Figurines will be $20 each and we hope to have a few other little nick nacks at the table so come check it out. ^ ^

The creation of yippee's figurine has regrettably had to be pushed back a bit but never fear, he will definitely still be being made so no worries there.

take care all and i hope to see a bunch of ya at MFF.


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Sunday, July 13th, 2008
5:51 pm
Hello all. ^ ^ i hope your all doing great hee. AC went fairly good and i got alot of awesome comments from fluffs out there as well as a bunch of good ideas that i am currently researching so i'm still very busy with this whole project.

For those that didn't make AC it was announced there that the fifth suit that will be in our line up will be the awesome Yippee Coyote. Yippee is an amazing performer and has many suits and has been in the fandom for quite some time and it'll be our honor to add his suit to the line up. if any of ya out there wish to reserve his or any of the previous ones just drop me a line at our website here http://fursuitfigurines.com/ and i'll get that recorded and we can figure out the finer details later.

We are also now taking pre-orders for both Feral and MFF so if you wish to pick up figurines for either of those cons just drop me a line at the website. no money is required to reserve them also.

They can also be purchased anytime now from our website and mailed off to you so if you would still like some but wont be able to grab them at a con come order em now. ^ ^

I'll try to update more once i have a bit more free time. take care all

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Monday, June 16th, 2008
1:12 am
As a follow up to jafra's post, the initial website for Fursuit Figurines is up and ready at:
http://www.fursuitfigurines.com :)

There are the pictures from the preview site in the gallery section, plus new sections with some more information about shipping, promotions, and answers to popular questions. Enjoy and see ya all at AC!
Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
8:46 pm
Fursuit Figurines Reserving Orders for AC
Hey all, okay so with AC just a lil over a month away now i though i'd just get this out there. This will also be cross posted to a few other places as well but if any of ya feel like putting a link to this post anywhere else ya think might be good it would be much appreciated. ^ ^

We are now taking reservations for our figurines for pick up at AC. Please note that we will regrettably only have a limited number available for AC so if you do wish a set or a single one please send an e-mail to the address below. We also ask for those that do reserve any to try to show up on the first day the dealer room opens (friday i think) to come pick them up. Anything reserved and not picked up on the first day unless other arrangements have been made will be taken off reserve. We only do this because of the limited number that will be on hand for sale.

Prices again are $20 for each figurine plus applicable taxes. Also remember our start up sale, buy all four original Fursuit Figurines and you will receive the fifth one free once it's been made. ^ ^

So to reserve yours now for AC e-mail me and pup at contact@fursuitfigurines.com


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Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
5:59 pm
Welcome & Recent FAQs
Welcome, everyone, to the community. I see even since I've started writing this there have been some new additions to the membership list. Awesome! Keep spreading the word! :)

jafra and I have been getting a few similar questions about the figurines, what they are, and how they work, so I'm going to address some of these points here all at once:

Q. What are Fursuit Figurines?

A. They are a production run of several figurines, each based on a fursuit from the fandom. Right now, there are four suits in the series, with more being planned and rolled out in the coming months. These are not customized, individual one-offs.

Q. How do I get one made of my suit or of my favourite suit made?

A. We're always going to be on the look out for suits to include in our releases, and with so many suits to choose from, it's an overwhelming choice to make. Part of the decision process will be based on the feedback we get from suiters and fans alike, so drop us a note and let us know your thoughts. Our email address is on the profile page for this community and on our website.

Q. When will a specific suit be available?

A. Unfortunately we cannot say for sure when a figurine for a specific suit will be created and released. Your best bet is to follow this community and our website in the coming weeks and months where we will be updating everyone with new additions to the line up.

Q. Can I place an order for something custom or for you to build a single figurine?

A. The manufacturing company we are working with specializes in large scale production runs of these types of figurines. The cost of a single custom figurine would be prohibitively high, so at this time we are unable to offer any customized work outside of our normal production run. However, please do forward your ideas and suggestions for custom work. There is always the potential for including them in a future release.

Q. When will these be available?

A. The first four will be available at the end of June. We will have a table in the Anthrocon Dealer's Room with some of our stock, and the reminder will be available for shipment after the con. If you're interested now in picking one or more up at the con, email us what you'd like and let us know! We'll keep your order aside for you, and you can pay for it at the con.

Q. How do I get these home?

A. Each figurine will come with a fitted foam shell and cardboard box to keep it safe during transport, so there's no need to worry about having to roll it up in your laundry and hope for the best on the trip back.

Q. What if I can't make it to Anthrocon?

A. We'll be able to ship your order to you after the con. Additionally, starting at the end of June, all our figurines currently in production will be available for ordering online via our website.

Q. But I still have questions...?

A. Good! Drop me (takitapup) or jafra a note online, or email us, or comment on this post. We'll get you the answers you're after.
1:55 pm
hello to all you awesome fluffs out there hehe who aren't here yet but who might be eventually.

pup and I have decided to start this community for people to discuss or ask questions of anything connected with our fursuit figurines.

this will be also where we'll be making all our updates like which suits will be in the process of being made and which cons we will be attending and so on. also you can look in on the progress of our website.

so i guess to start it off properly i'll add the link to our current pics of the first four released figurines. take care fluffs *wags*

Click Here For More Pics!

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